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File Information

  • Submitted: Feb 19 2010 06:29 PM
  • Last Updated: Mar 25 2011 01:26 PM
  • File Size: 412bytes
  • Views: 11111
  • Downloads: 315
  • X-Plane 9 Version: 9.60+
  • Custom Panel: Yes
  • Custom 3D cockpit: Yes
  • Custom Sounds: Yes
  • Aircraft Year: 1999 and later
  • Reason for Modification : Major update as described in the text

Download Airbus A380-842 Qantas

- - - - -

Update 24th March 2011:
• After extensive flight tests the Lufthansa's A380 full motion flight simulator (here is my report: http://petersaircraft.com/A380/Sim_session.html ), roll response and rotation mode have been revised, so we now achieve - within tiny tolerances - extremely realistic flight characteristics and performance. I believe, with the right hardware installed, this A380 could possibly pass a certification for manual flight training. However, real pilots should not rely on that, since it is NOT a certified flight model, and we do not take any responsibility or liability in any aspect.
• The FMS has been improved by authentical PERFORMANCE page panels, referring to the flight phases, as well as the POSITION MONITOR page showing Estimated Position Uncertainty, Requested Navigation Precision and IRS 1-3 deviations.
• All 5 Tutorial Flights and their documentation have been improved by more detail and more realistic procedures.

The A380-842 operated by Qantas should be the most powerful aircraft ever built, if I did not overlook something. It's 4 RR Trent 972B-84 engines generate about 10.000 lbs more thrust than the 6 engines of the huge Aontonov 225.

The December 2010 release is the biggest update ever. The new A380 is widely independent from XP limitations, enabling authentic flight simulation at a new level, during manual and auto flight. You need to forget how the AP and A/THR worked in the A380 model you know. The new release provides one of the most realistic simulations of the Airbus auto flight system available below the Multi Million Dollar tag, if not the best. A complex tutorial, consisting of several sample flights, with each step and action explained and illustrated.

The new plug-in by Torsten Liesk, QPAC, features
• Full FBW with all protections
• Custom A/THR
• Custom AP and Flight Mode Indicators
• Custom Engine Thrust Modell and Start Procedure.
• Custom Wheel Brakes and Parking Brake.
• Custom FMS (not yet complete and still integrating the XP FMS)
• Waypoint flags (FLY AT / AT or ABOVE / AT or BELOW / OVERFLY /FAF)
• Cost Index (CI)
• T.O Speeds and other Performance data
• Special switch to test the DIRECT Mode.
• Authentic animation of flight control surfaces, in the 3D Objects AND the XP flight model, enabling deflections which XP does not support.
• and much more.
In addition there are countless further improvements and corrections, way too many to be all mentioned.

Updates to and throughout XP10 are free.
Compatibility with other FMS solutions is gone with this release.

As an alternative option the new A388-Package includes all versions and liveries which actually are released or will be in the future, with an attractive upgrade option for those who already bought one single A380-800.
For info & order: http://petersaircraft.com Check for the particularily attractive A388-PACKAGE!

Feb 19 2010 07:01 PM
It might be nice to roll all the liveries into one package. I mean, the price ($65 USD) is pretty steep as it is. It's a great plane though, don't get me wrong.
yeah kinda sucks you have to pay
Whoa now, he has mega hours in the first plane. This one has different engines and is more than a livery, many more hours.. Whats you time worth? Maybe I can afford another, maybe not. But I do understand the effort put into some of these planes..
That's apretty fair sum of money but not expensive anyway.
everyone needs to dtop all this complaining about the price of peter's A380.you must understand this is not your usual plane made by just somebody in their spare time.peter has spent ALOT of time and effort in the research,development and testing and dare should i say it,even his easy to use web site to purchase his planes.you are not just buying a simple plane,this is probably the most(i think it is) realistic plane made for x plane both visually(the outside and cockpit look) and flight characteristics. it is not alot of money for what you are buying.again,this is probably one of the best planes you can fly with for x plane. you also must remember that MSFS users whatever version they have(FS2004,FSX etc) have a wide choice of amazing aircraft,scenery and addons that all cost money.some alot more expensive then peters! we should be happy that there is a person like peter who has decided to make his a380 for x plane and not MSFS.all i want to say is that even if you put as much time and effort as peter did into makeing the A380(over 1000 hours!!) how much would you charge.i bet it wouldn't be much less then peters price and in all honesty,mabey more?
Riviere's aircraft are always free, and he spends days in creating them as well. Payware isn't the only option…
There ARE all liveries in one package, the ones released and the ones to come. You just need to buy the PACKAGE, or up upgrade if you already bought a single A380.

Until now the overall investment I made into the A380 project is close to 100,000 EURO (ONEHUNDREDTHOUSAND). Just to give you something to think about...
Most people don't understand that somebody's time is worth money, unless it's them. Your have a right to have your efforts reimbursed and for such a herculean effort, $65.00 doesn't seem unfair. To those who do give their planes away for free, my hats off to you. I have neither the skills nor ability to produce these wonders that grace X-Plane, and appreciate all efforts. :lol: A big Thank You!, to all.
X-Plane Australia
Feb 23 2010 11:18 PM
65 dollars is to much and definitely the Mu-2 is the best aircraft for x-plane with a full 3-d pit and it only costs 30 dollars. I wouldn't pay 65 dollars for this aircraft but I would pay that type of money for the crj-200 by Jrollon. the only reason you have invested 100,000 euro is because your not working your desining. It costs zero dollars to create a plane unless you pay people to go in the aircraft. All the programs are free. yes this is a good aircraft but I wouldn't buy it. :glare:

there were 2 solutions:
- To sell not expensive and much.
- To sell expensive and not much.
I would have preferred the second solution.

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