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File Information

  • Submitted: Aug 16 2008 10:34 PM
  • Last Updated: Jul 04 2009 11:57 AM
  • File Size: 3.92MB
  • Views: 14426
  • Downloads: 139
  • Custom Panel: Yes
  • Custom 3D cockpit: Yes
  • Custom Sounds: No
  • Aircraft Year: unknown

Download C709-Longsword Interceptor - v9.30+

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C709-Longsword Interceptor - By Mid7night (Ben Harber)

This is the updated release of the Longsword for X-Plane version 9.30. This release will work with any version of X-Plane after 9.30. Only minor changes were made to the art.stab. settings to work with v9. Also, the "Doors Plugin" is no longer needed for this release. All the functionality is retained thanks to the new sliders in v9.

Special thanks must go first to my wife Natalie for putting up with me during this project - I couldn't do it without her. :-)

Also thanks to the following people for their help in development:

Karl Caswell (Winter) - Test Pilot

Sandy Barbour - Special Plugins writing

JD Congote G. (The Forerunner) - Model Geometry Extraction

Stephen Loftus - Scale and reference information


Special instructions

NEW FOR X-PLANE VERSION 9: The "Doors Plugin" is no longer needed as of version 9. Additionally, there is now a switch in the cockpit for opening and closing the ramp. The missile and bomb doors still open and close when armed and disarmed.

The flaps (green bar) are used as speedbrakes; "up" is closed, "down" is open.

AGSM-10 missiles are in the center-forward bay, the doors open when missiles are armed.

Two Shiva-tipped nuclear missiles are kept in the center belly-bay, the doors open when bombs are armed.

Weapons-bay doors stay open until their hotkey is pressed.

The entire cockpit is modeled in 3D, and there's quite a bit there, so it's important you take a few moments to walk around and familiarize yourself with the layout.

IMPORTANT: There are two primary and two secondary vectored rocket engines for vertical takeoff and spaceflight. In addition there are four jet engines for atmospheric flight. Before taking off you need to switch off the two secondary rocket engines; they are the two on the far left of the engine controls. In case one of the two primary rocket engines fail, you can switch them off and turn on the secondaries to maintain symmetrical thrust.

Also, don't forget to turn on the yaw-damping before takeoff!

Update history: August 12, 2007 - Sharpened flight model, adjusted artificial stability settings for smoother transition from low to high speed.

August 14, 2007 - Added all versions of the doors plugin, Win/Mac/Linux all should work now.

Send any questions or comments to Mid7night.

Enjoy the Longsword!

Topper Harley
Aug 17 2008 07:22 PM
You know Ben, somehow I keep missing this one. Haven't tried it once. Which surprises me because it's my type of thing. I have it now. Thanks for updating.
Nice job. Thanks
Who reported this file as broken? Please PM me if you 'can't get it to open' before reporting it as broken! Can anyone else verify this, broken or not?

~ Mid7night
Works just fine. (v9.20rc2 Windows XP)
Nov 12 2008 09:57 AM
I have to say, I probably fly this more than any other plane. It accelerates nicely, performs insanely well when it comes to agility, plus can get into space in about 10 seconds if you point straight up and use JATO. Thanks Mid7night for a great plane. Also, on my Mac, I have no cold start problems that I hear other users have, as I have started 9 up and the Longsword is waiting for me, So ya.......
Is there any way to get this to work with x plane 9.0?
The 9.2 version was released back in Aug. 08 so I'm not sure the reason for the repost or if I should re-download. Please clarify.

Who reported this file as broken? Please PM me if you 'can't get it to open' before reporting it as broken! Can anyone else verify this, broken or not?

~ Mid7night

I get a "corrupted file" or a "not really an airplane file " message too. I get that a lot unfortunately. Not really sure what to do about it though. Running an Imac.
I would;nt neccessarly say it's broken. But it won't load on my Vista version.
Aug 22 2009 10:08 PM
i cant drop any bombs or anything. i have weapons armed, and the bay doors are opened. can someone help me?

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